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Introduction to UEFA Euro 2024 Fixtures

The official UEFA Euro 2024 fixtures were unveiled last December 2023. It laid out what the team will take to potentially lift the most coveted trophy. The matches will officially kick off on June 14th, year 2024 in Germany. There are 24 teams that will compete across different venues, including stadiums like Berlin’s Olympiastadion and Munich’s Allianz Arena. The group stage will battle out in a round-robin format, followed by the knockout stages where the pressure intensifies with single-elimination matches. For football fans, following the fixtures alongside the atmosphere of the Euro 2024 venues promises a remarkable and unforgettable month of world-class football.

Let 2UP Sports Betting guide you with all the latest updates, news, and complete Euro 2024 fixtures.

Euro 2024 Commencement Date

The most anticipated Euro 2024 is set to ignite this summer. With its commencement date of June 14th, this quadrennial tournament hosted by Germany will see 24 national teams that will showcase their skills with the hopes of getting the continental glory. The commencement date marks the beginning of a month-long tournament, with 51 exciting Euro 2024 matches.

The commencement date signifies the culmination of years-worth of preparation and anticipation. National teams will have finalized their squads, strategies will be put to the test, and players will be brimming with desire in getting that European title. The opening match will be played on June 14th and eyes glued to the first whistle that unleashes the competitive spirit across the Euro 2024 venues.

Euro 2024 Group Stage Details

The Euro 2024 group stage is the mark of the month-long football tournament in Germany. 24 teams are divided across six groups, with carefully crafted UEFA Euro 2024 fixtures ensuring an exciting round-robin match for every team.

2UP Sports Betting provides matchups between football teams. It starts with group A with Germany, as the host country, joined by Scotland, Hungary, and Switzerland. Group B with Spain, Croatia, Italy, and Albania. With group C, Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, and England. Group D with Netherlands, Austria, Serbia, England, and play-off winner A. Group E, we have Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, and Play-off winner B. Group F, Türkiye, Play-off winner C, Portugal, and Czechia. The Euro 2024 venue has also been announced alongside the team matchup.


Spain Slovenia Play-Off Winner path ABelgiumTürkiye

CroatiaDenmarkNetherlandsSlovakiaPlay-Off Winner path C


AlbaniaEnglandFrancePlay-Off Winner path BCzechia

Euro 2024 Round 16 Details

The excitement continues after the group stage as the Euro 2024 knockout rounds kick off with the Round of 16. While the specific Euro 2024 venues and matches won’t be confirmed until after the group stage concludes, the format promises exciting football matches The winners of each group will face the runner-ups from a different group. There will be an additional layer with the four best third-placed teams from the group stage. The “best third-placed” will be determined by a complex points system, adding another layer of strategy and excitement to the group stage. The UEFA Euro 2024 schedules* will be impacted by the outcome of the group stage, with the matchups and venues finalized based on which teams qualify. Intense amount of pressure on this round as each match is a single-elimination showdown.

Round of 16 (1)Winner Group A vs Runner-up Group C
Round of 16 (2)Winner Group B vs Runner-up Group A
Round of 16 (3)Winner Group C vs Best Third-placed Team**
Round of 16 (4)Winner Group D vs Best Third-placed Team**
Round of 16 (5)Winner Group E vs Runner-up Group D
Round of 16 (6)Winner Group F vs Runner-up Group E
Round of 16 (7)Best Third-placed Team** vs Best Third-placed Team**
Round of 16 (8)Best Third-placed Team** vs Best Third-placed Team**

* Dates and final Euro 2024 venue will be announced after the group stage

Euro 2024 Quarter Finals Details

The Euro 2024 quarter finals mark a pivotal shift in the tournament– from round-robin competition to a single-elimination round. Only eight teams remain from the group stages and are determined by various factors and surprises of the EUFA Euro 2024 fixtures. The remaining football teams will now face the most intense matches yet. The adrenaline of the single-elimination format adds another layer of excitement that is unseen in the group stage. Tactics of different teams will be showcased alongside their skills. These Euro 2024 matches will be etched in the memories of football and enthusiasts, defining the narratives of the tournament and the legacies of the teams involved.

Euro 2024 Semi Finals Details

The Euro 2024 semi finals will change the tournament into a cauldron of intense emotion, with just four teams remaining as the teams relentlessly battled the UEFA Euro 2024 fixtures. The remaining teams will be one step closer to glory. But first, they must face each other in a single-elimination  round.

Euro 2024 Final

Football betting fans are highly anticipating the Euro 2024 final. The month-long tournament will finally crown its new kings of European football. The two remaining teams will battle out the remaining Euro 2024 matches. They will be vying for the most coveted trophy on July 14th.

Euro 2024 Betting Lines

With the Euro 2024 kicking off, the world of football betting heats up with exciting Euro 2024 betting lines offered by 2UP Sports. These lines provide a way for football fans to add a different kind of excitement.

One of the most popular Euro 2024 betting options is the outright winner market. Bettors can place a wager on the team that they think will win the tournament. Another one is to bet on specific matches, match winner, total goals scored, team to reach the Final, group winner, top goalscorer, and man of the match. For seasoned bettors, Euro 2024 betting lines provide an opportunity to showcase their knowledge of the sport and potentially earn some reward.

Euro 2024 Match Betting at 2UP

The UEFA Euro 2024 fixtures brings football fans into the thrilling world of match betting. This allows players to delve deeper into the game. It also adds another layer of excitement to each match on the well-planned UEFA Euro 2024 schedules.

One of the most popular options in match betting is Match Winner bet. Here, players predict which team will claim victory in a specific fixture. Another one is the Total Goals Scored (Over/Under a certain number), a team’s margin of victory, or even which half will get more goals. There is also an option to predict the Correct Score, the First Goalscorer, or which team will receive the most yellow card.

While it can be exciting, players must be up to date on the latest UEFA Euro 2024 fixtures to keep track of the latest events happening on the Euro 2024.


The UEFA Euro 2024 fixtures have been announced and football fans all over the world are excited to see the action unfold. 2UP Sports Betting continuously provides odds, fixtures, and anything bettors need to know about the Euro 2024 on top of being a safe and secured online betting platform.

When will the Euro 2024 fixtures begin?

The Euro 2024 kicks off on June 14th, 2024.

How are the football teams divided in the group stages?

24 teams are divided into six groups. Each football team plays a round-robin format.

What happens after the group stage in Euro 2024?

The top two teams from each group and the four best third-placed teams will advance to the knockout stage.

Where can I find the complete Euro 2024 schedule?

The official UEFA and 2UP Sports Betting website provides the complete Euro 2024 fixtures.

Is football betting safe in 2UP Sports?

Yes, betting on various sports, not only football, is 100% safe and secured at 2UP.