EPL Betting in Malaysia – English Premier League Odds

EPL Betting in Malaysia – English Premier League Odds

Football is not just a simple sport. It’s a game that unites (and also polarizes) a community. The thing that makes this even better is sports betting because it makes winning and losing a lot more thrilling.

English Premier League Betting is complex for newcomers. If you want to learn more about this space and start having more fun with sports, read along.

Understanding EPL Betting Odds

EPL betting odds tell you two things: the likelihood of a football team winning, and your possible amount of payout when you actually win. That helps you assess the risk and reward of a certain wager, assisting you in making a more informed decision.

These odds are generated by the bookmakers. They use three established systems for calculating the odds (decimal, fractional, and moneyline). Although all of these EPL betting odds approaches serve the same purpose of assessing which team is more likely to win while calculating the bettor’s payout if they win, the way of achieving that is different.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds use fractions to weigh the risks and rewards of betting on a football team’s victory. The numerator of the fraction represents the profit, and the denominator represents the stake.

If the odds of a football team have a greater denominator, it means they are more likely to win against their matchup. On the flip side, if the team’s numerator is greater than the denominator, it shows they’re the underdog in the competition.

Although betting on the underdog seems foolish, understand that in the unlikely event that they win, you’ll be cashing out more profit for yourself. After all, big wins in gambling are earned after achieving the seemingly impossible.


Decimal Odds

Decimal odds use decimals to represent your potential payout if the team you wagered on wins. The greater the decimal is, the higher your payout is. But still, a higher payout usually means the team is more likely to lose.

To calculate your earnings, you simply multiply your wager with the decimal numbers that the bookmakers generated. Meaning, that if the bookies said that the team, you’re betting on has 1.75 odds, betting $10 on it yields $17.5 (that includes your initial bet).

Moneyline Odds

Moneyline odds use the positive (+) and negative (-) symbols to represent your potential profit (not to be confused with the football team’s likelihood of winning).

Tips for Successful EPL Betting in Malaysia

Your greatest allies in English Premier League Betting are local pundits and tipsters. They’re the enthusiastic experts of football and they give you a better rationale on what team to bet on.

These experts on EPL betting in Malaysia usually take a look at team form, record, standings, and playstyles.

League Standing

In the English Premier League Betting, the best predictor of team performance is their recent matches. How strong are they standing among the competition? How did they win those matches? Was it a convincing one or were they on the wobbly side of winning?

Although past performances don’t accurately predict the future, it’s still an overwhelmingly great predictor of future victories.

Team Form

Aside from considering how the team stands up against the competition, they also consider how the team dynamic works. Are they in a collaborative environment or are they in the middle of a toxic one? Are any of the players injured or having a problem with their personal problem?

These factors contribute to team performance.

Previous Matchup Record

This is not just about how a team plays against others. But it’s also about the rivalry of two specific teams.

If a matchup is coming, they’d also want to consider how both of these teams have performed against each other in the past. Depending on the situation, they dig up matches that happened years ago.

This is important because there are times when it doesn’t matter how a team dominates the entire league, they always have that one kryptonite that they are unable to figure out. And because of that, they crumble down.


Another thing to consider is the team playstyle. Some teams play according to the playbook. If they’re given momentum, they dominate the other team. The flipside to that playstyle is those teams who thrive in chaotic games.

There are times when a dominating team that plays according to the playbooks gets lost and confused when they match against a chaotic one—it’s because they have a harder time figuring them out.

So considering how these playstyles pan out helps them determine which team has a higher likelihood of winning.


Is it possible to bet online from Malaysia?

Yes. EPL betting in Malaysia is booming and gambling organizers are welcoming sports betting. They also most likely host English Premier League betting for the Malaysian market.

Where to place online bets in Malaysia?

There are multiple platforms for EPL betting in Malaysia where you place your bets. The most popular platforms are:

  • Jadiking88
  • Aw8
  • Rabona
What are the odds for the Premier League?

In the current state of English Premier League betting, you have the highest chance of winning if you wager your bets on Manchester City.

Why is betting gaining popularity in Malaysia?

EPL betting in Malaysiawas boosted during the Covid lockdown. During that time, many people have turned to online gambling for their entertainment and English Premier League Betting was one of them.

Why do Malaysians enjoy the English Premier League?

Malaysia was once a British colony. Because of that, English culture had a lasting influence on Malaysia until now.